Broadcaster Cruise Master and Travel Specialist Roger Mallock

Roger Mallock

Thinking of taking a holiday or vacation, want to know the best places and times to go, then look out for the Roger Mallock travel masters show coming soon.

Roger will be sharing valuable information every Global traveller needs to know.

He will deal with planning the event, preparing to travel, what to take with you. where to stay, the best ways to travel, what to see when you get there and so much more.

Roger will also be interviewing a wide range of experts to ensure you get the best out of your holiday or vacation. He will be sharing news about new locations, new cruises and so much more.

You will even be able to download his audio files to take with you so you have everything you need for that very special occasion.

Roger has years of experience as a broadcaster and will be able to share amazing content that will ensure your travel experiences are the best you have ever had.

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